Do you provide food/drinks?

We do not supply food/drinks. You bring what you would if you were going to celebrate at a park setting. We will have tablecloths and decorations. You can add more decor if you want.You can bring pizzas. Most places do not deliver out here! Costco has been a good idea in previous parties. We do have a charcoal BBQ for your use. You will need to supply your own charcoal etc. 

Do you have enough parking?

Yes! We have a drive-thru drive way with plenty of places to park. If needed cars can park along the common driveway. Keep in mind this is shared with several neighbors so stay off to the side to allow ample room for people to pass by. Thank you!

How many kids and parents can we invite?

There really is not a limit on guests. We have plenty of room. The animals can only handle so many kids and pony rides take time. We like to keep the kids participating in pony rides to 15. We are flexible... 

Is is wheelchair assessible?

Technically you could get a wheelchair to our patio area. Unfortunately, there are a few small lips to get over and there is a step down that will need another person to assist them down. Once on the patio the wheelchair would be fine in a limited area. The bathroom is not accessible due to stairs going up.

Do you have a bathroom?

Yes, we have an indoor normal bathroom with a sink for handwashing. We do ask that you respect that we have a septic system and not flush anything other than toilet paper product down the toilet. Feminine products and wipes must go in trash.

Can we bring our dog?

No. We have our own dogs and cats and mixing unfamiliar dogs with our farm is not a good idea nor is it a fun experience.

Can we come early to set up?

Yes! You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before your party to set up. You can park by the first garage where there is a welcome sign. This is the closest to the picnic area for you to unload. You just follow the path around the end garage to the gate.

Do you have hand sanitizer?

Yes! We have several hand sanitizer dispensers available for our guests to use.